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Suspended Platform Manufacturer

Little Swan Building Machinery Co., Ltd. is a well-known suspended access equipment manufacturer in China. Little Swan has provided dozens of countries with suspended platform, building cleaning cradles, material hoist, construction hoist, and other building maintenance equipment.
In the past twenty years, aerial working cradles produced by Little Swan have a large number of successful application cases. For instance, our aerial cleaning access platforms and construction hoists have provided the reliable and safe work security for many customers.
At the same time, Little Swan also offers customized temporary access platform solution to our customers. In particular, we have rich experience in customizing suspended platform for wind turbine and boiler maintenance.
Little swan is committed to providing you with the high-rise construction equipment which has leading technology, excellent performance and reliable quality. We look forward to cooperating with you!

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    1. ZLP250 Suspended Platform

      Our ZLP250 suspended platform is simple to set up, lightweight and convenient for shipping. Moreover, the basket strictly follows the requirements of ISO quality system in its production process so it meets the international suspended access equipment production standards.

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    1. ZLP1000 Suspended Platform

      Our ZLP1000 suspended platform boasts the rated load of 1000 kg which is the largest among all work platforms Little Swan provides. It is suitable for large-scale high altitude operations.

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    1. Suspended Platform Parts

      Little Swan is a professional suspended access platform supplier. We not only offer you the entire machine, but also provide you with a verity of suspended platform parts for you to choose from.

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    1. Material Hoist

      In addition, specialized assembly process and high precision assembly technology effectively reduce the noise level of the material hoist during its operation.

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    1. Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)

      The building maintenance unit (BMU) is a kind of suspended access equipment intended to be permanently installed and dedicated to a specific building or structure for cleaning and maintaining windows or exterior walls.

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    1. Suspended Platform for Wind Turbine Maintenance

      Our platform can also help cut down the operation time and cost because it can help maintenance staff complete the task without using expensive lifting equipment. Therefore, this type of suspended access equipment makes inspection and repair work more convenient and straightforward.

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