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Suspended Platform

Little Swan is able to provide you with premium quality modular platforms. Our ZLP250 suspended platform is simple to set up, lightweight and convenient for shipping. Moreover, the basket strictly follows the requirements of ISO quality system in its production process so it meets the international suspended access equipment production standards.

If you would like to purchase a diminutive basket which is designed for 1-2 people, ZLP250 suspended platform is an excellent choice for you. The rated load for the basket is 250 Kg and the average lifting rate is 9-11 meters per minute. In addition, the man basket is equipped with the steel rope whose diameter is 8.3 mm and swing arm type anti-tilt safety lock to ensure the operation safety.

Our suspended working platform is mainly composed of the suspension mechanism, work platform, hoist, safety lock, electrical control system, and steel wire rope, etc. The suspended frame adopts whole platform design. Moreover, our customers can choose aluminum alloy or steel as the raw material for manufacturing the suspended frame. Aluminum alloy ZLP250 suspended platform is lightweight, anti-rust and corrosion proof. On the other hand, steel ZLP250 suspended basket has a relatively heaver weight. However, the steel basket gets better strength and longer durability after it has been through the galvanizing or plastic spray-painting treatment.

Little Swan is a professional supplier for designing and manufacturing suspended access equipment. We can provide you with different types of premium quality suspended baskets. Moreover, we offer non-standard aerial work platform customization services to our customer who has special requirements for their products.

Technical Parameters

Type ZLP250
Rated Load (kg) 250
Lifting Speed (m/min) 9-11
Rated Power (kw) 1.1×1
Hoist Type LTD50
Safety Lock Type LSL20
Suspended System Weight (kg) 175
Suspended Platform Size (k×w×h) 1200×650×2300
Lifting Parts Weight (kg) 200
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