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Suspended Platform

ZLP500 suspended platform can easily get close to any part of the front end of a high-rise building, so it can replace the scaffolding platform truly bring convenience and efficiency to people's work. Produced in full compliance with ISO 9001:2008, this suspended access equipment integrates a number of patented technologies; it has obtained the CE marking.

The rated load for ZLP500 suspended platform is 500Kg and the average lifting speed is 9-11m/min which be adjusted according to customers' requirements. The size of the platform is (2500×2) ×760×1200 cm³ which can accommodate 4-5 people for high altitude operation on the exterior wall of high-rise buildings. The steel wire rope with the diameter of 8.3 mm and the swing arm type anti-tilt safety lock ensure the safety of the operation. Little Swan provides steel or aluminum alloy work platform for customers; the steel work platform can be treated with galvanizing, painting or plastic spray-painting technology based on the needs of customers.

Little Swan is professional aerial work platform manufacturer which specialize in the production of suspended basket. If our existing models of the suspended platforms cannot meet your needs, please let us know your special requests. Accordingly, we will customize exclusive baskets for you based on the actual needs. To know about the specially designed suspended access equipment, please refer to the "Special Designed Type" page on our website.

Technical Parameters

Type ZLP500
Rated Load (kg) 500
Lifting Speed (m/min) 9-11
Rated Power (kw) 1.1×2
Hoist Type LTD50
Safety Lock Type LSL30
Suspended System Weight (kg) 350
Suspended Platform Size (k×w×h) (2500×2)×760×1200
Lifting Parts Weight (kg) 410
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