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Suspended Platform

Little Swan is a professional aerial equipment manufacturer. We provide you with ZLP630 suspended platform. The rated load for this product is 630 kg and the lifting speed is 9-11 m/min. With the total area of (2000×2) ×760 m2, this hanging platform is able to accommodate 4-5 people.

Advanced seamless steel pipe welding technology is adopted for welding the ZLP630 suspended platform so as to improve the strength of the suspended structure and enhance the safety of the entire basket. Also, modular structure design is employed, making it convenient to transport, install and use this suspended access platform. The hoist produced by Little Swan further improves the safety for using this work platform.

The ZLP630 suspended platform is suitable for a variety of high attitude operation environments. For example, it can help to complete the construction, decoration, cleaning and maintenance projects (i.e. apply plaster, glue wall tile, painting, and curtain wall installation, etc.) for the exterior wall of high-rise & multi-story buildings.

Technical Parameters

Type ZLP630
Rated Load (kg) 630
Lifting Speed (m/min) 9-11
Rated Power (kw) 1.5×2
Hoist Type LTD63
Safety Lock Type LSL30
Suspended System Weight (kg) 350
Suspended Platform Size (k×w×h) (2000×2)×760×1420
Lifting Parts Weight (kg) 480
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