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Suspended Platform

ZLP800 suspended platform offered by Little Swan has an increased rated load with regards to other styles of aerial device and its lifting speed can reach up to 8-10 m/min. Made of steel or aluminum alloy, this suspended working platform is simple in structure and easy to install.

In order to improve the strength of the suspended structure, advanced seamless steel pipe welding technology is used for welding the platform and guardrails. Moreover, Little Swan also equips the ZLP800 suspended platform with superior quality safety lock and steel wire rope which effectively improve the safety factor of the basket. To improve the control performance of the whole platform, electrical components from Schneider are adopted.

Little Swan is well aware that the quality of the suspended access platform is closely related to the safety of high attitude operating crew and ground crew. Therefore, we have strict quality control system to ensure our product quality during the entire production process, which starts from the procurement raw materials.

Technical Parameters

Type ZLP800
Rated Load (kg) 800
Lifting Speed (m/min) 8-10
Rated Power (kw) 2.2×2
Hoist Type LTD80
Safety Lock Type LSL30
Suspended System Weight (kg) 350
Suspended Platform Size (k×w×h) (2500×3)×760×1450
Lifting Parts Weight (kg) 580
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