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Suspended Platform

Compared with ZLP800, ZLP800A suspended platform not only maintains the existing rated load, but also has an increased lifting speed which can reach up to 9-11m/min. The electrical box of ZLP88A is also equipped with the same electrical components from Schneider. The five core waterproof cable adopted makes the circuit design of this suspended access platform more secure than that of other types of work platforms.

Adopting a modular design, the suspended platform manufactured by Little Swan is easy to install and maintain. Furthermore, this aerial equipment is made of thick steel by our professional welding technology. It has a smoother surface and is safer to use.

Technical Parameters

Type ZLP800A
Rated Load (kg) 800
Lifting Speed (m/min) 9-11
Rated Power (kw) 1.8×2
Hoist Type LTD80A
Safety Lock Type LSL30A
Suspended System Weight (kg) 350
Suspended Platform Size (k×w×h) (2500×3)×760×1420
Lifting Parts Weight (kg) 535
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