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Suspended Platform

Little Swan is a professional suspended access equipment manufacturer which is specializing in the production of electric suspended basket. Our ZLP1000 suspended platform boasts the rated load of 1000 kg which is the largest among all work platforms Little Swan provides. It is suitable for large-scale high altitude operations.

This aerial working cradle is equipped with grooved copper internal gears which can improve work efficiency notably. The hoist of this aerial work platform adopts a durable aluminum shell. In addition, LSL30 type safety lock is used to firmly lock the steel wire rope when the entire platform is tilted so as to ensure the safety of the crew.

The suspended platform offered by Little Swan is produced in line with the ISO9001:2008 quality management system. It has obtained the CE marking. Each electric suspended basket will go through rigorous inspections. Only when the product meets the required quality standards do we carry out the packing and shipping procedures. In addition, since our company is adjacent to Shanghai, we usually choose port of Shanghai as our main delivery port for the sake of convenience.

Technical Parameters

Type ZLP1000
Rated Load (kg) 1000
Lifting Speed (m/min) 8-10
Rated Power (kw) 3.0×2
Hoist Type LTD100
Safety Lock Type LSL30
Suspended System Weight (kg) 350
Suspended Platform Size (k×w×h) (2500×3)×760×1450
Lifting Parts Weight (kg) 640
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