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Suspended Platform for Boiler Maintenance

Little Swan can provide our customers with the suspended access platform specially designed for power plant to help solve boiler maintenance problems. Our suspended platform for boiler maintenance can be used as a working platform to carry construction personnel, tools and materials during maintenance or installation operations. Moreover, the suspended platform can replace the traditional scaffold to reduce the labor intensity and improve work efficiency. It is safe and reliable and can be reused for a long time.

This kind of suspended platform for boiler maintenance is a non-standard type of suspended access equipment. Therefore, customers need to tell us the application environment and relevant technical parameters during their procurement. Then, our technical staff will customize the boiler maintenance platform to meet the requirements of our customers.

1. Climbing method

The suspended platform climbs up along the wire rope through the force driven by the hoist. In theory, there should be no limit for the height the basket can climb if the steel rope is not wrapped up.

2. Hoist
Adopting the "α" structure, this equipment has high reliability and long service life.

3. Safety Rope & Safety Lock
There are two safety ropes set independently from each other. The suspended platform is equipped with superior quality safety locks. When the platform gets titled, the hoist gets a major failure or ropes break off, the safety locks will lock the wire ropes to ensure the safety of the operator and equipment.

4. The Basket
The platform can be dissembled or installed with different combinations according to the customer's requirements and it is convenient for transporting.

5. Suspended System
The flexible suspended system is applicable to different types of architecture and it is convenient to deliver and install.

6. Electrical Control System
The convenient and reliable electrical control system is equipped with safety protection devices, such as mobile operation box, external power box, etc. There is single or double machine operation system available for operators to choose.

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