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Aluminum Alloy Suspended Platform

Little Swan is a professional aerial work equipment manufacturer. We provide aluminum alloy suspended platform according to the needs of our customers. The suspended access platform made of aluminum alloy has the following characteristics.

1. Lower Production Cost: Aluminum alloy basket possesses all characteristics of a steel basket; also, its surface doesn't require galvanizing or plastic spray painting treatment. As a result, the production cost is reduced.
2. Lighter Weight: The aluminum alloy suspended platform has much lighter weight than those work platforms which have the same specification but are made of other materials.
3. Lower Overall Use Cost: Although aluminum alloy basket initially costs a little bit more than basket that is made of other material, it is more cost-effective than other baskets. For example, aluminum alloy is more durable and easier to repair, thus, the maintenance cost is reduced.
4. Better Performance: The aluminum alloy aerial work platform has improved performance on strength, safety and anti-overturning force.

Little Swan can provide you with a number of different types of aluminum alloy suspended access equipment. For more specific information, please check out our "Suspended Platform " page.

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