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Steel Suspended Platform

Steel suspended platform is currently one of the common type of suspended access equipment in the industry. There are two types of anti-rust processing techniques for the treatment of steel basket surface, namely, galvanizing and plastic spray painting treatments. Customers can choose appropriate one according to the requirements of actual application environment.

The steel suspended platform produced by Little Swan adopts modularization design so that it can reduce the cost of procurement and avoid the problem of delayed production schedule due to the volume and weight of the product components. As a result, this design can greatly reduce the labor cost. In addition, the modularization design of our product can also help our customers save on shipping costs since the modular platform is convenient to transport, assemble and disassemble.

We strictly implement the ISO quality management system and adhere to the steel structure welding standards. By virtue of the professional technics and experience of our welding staff, we make sure the welding seam of each man basket is smooth, beautiful and solid. Accordingly, the safety of the aerial working crew is well guaranteed. The following are some characteristics of galvanized and plastic spray-painted steel suspended platforms.

Galvanized Steel Basket
1. The steel material is treated with galvanizing process, so as to increase the corrosion resistance and anti-rust performance of the steel work platform.
2. The steel suspended access platform is economical and practical, so it is especially suitable for customers who are sensitive to price but still want to pursuit quality products.

Plastic Spray-painted Steel Basket
1. Plastic spray-painted steel basket is modularly spliced; hence, it is simple to install and operate.
2. This type of steel platform adopts the seamless steel pipe to further improve its strength and durability.
3. The basket also uses superior quality welding technology to ensure the welding surface is smooth and solid.

Little Swan offers a variety of steel suspended platforms. For more specific information please check out the "Suspended Platform " page.

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