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Man Basket

Special Suspended Platform We Had Manufactured

  • Suspended Basket for Marine Use
  • Suspended Basket for Bridge
  • Double-deck Suspended Basket
  • 90° Angled Suspended Basket
  • 60° Angled Suspended Basket
  • 45° Angled Suspended Basket

Conventional type of suspended platforms sometimes cannot meet the needs of some specific projects. For example, the construction and repair of large oil tank, construction of bridge, ship manufacturing process, and the construction of 90 °, 60 °, and 45 ° angled exterior walls of high-rise building projects. At this time, the special suspended platform is required.

The special suspended platform, also called non-standard suspended platform, is different from the conventional suspended access equipment in the size of suspension mechanism, motor power, and the specification of steel wire rope.

Little Swan can provide you with the excellent special suspended platform customization service. First, you are required to tell us the working conditions, the required length and width, the height of the building, and other related information. Then, our technical staff will answer all your questions and help you design the suspended access platform to meet your special needs.

After the drawing is confirmed, we will arrange the production of the specially designed baskets. Then, after the products pass our rigorous inspection standards, we will pack and deliver the goods to you promptly.

1. We offer accurate, convenient and fast customization service of aerial work platform.
2. Our product is simple to use, and we do follow-up service to ensure safe use.
3. We use our own materials to produce the customized suspended platform so as to guarantee the product quality.
4. Our professional engineer will design and set up the equipment in order to make it fast and convenient for you to carry out the project.

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