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Suspended Platform Parts

Little Swan is a professional suspended access platform supplier. We not only offer you the entire machine, but also provide you with a verity of suspended platform parts for you to choose from.

1. Electric Control Box
a. The control box adopts durable Schneider electric components.
b. Scientifically designed electric circuit fully reflects the "safety first" principle.
c. The box and its cable adopt waterproof design to ensure the safety of working staff.
d. Push-button design is used to prevent mal-operation.

2. Hoist
a. Powerful engine made by Little Swan is employed for the hoist.
b. Durable grooved copper internal gear is also adopted by the hoist.
c. The hoist applies our independently designed rope pressing device to ensure its quality and durability.

LTD80A, LTD63, and LTD50 types of hoist are lightweight and well designed. All three types of hoist adopt α shaped rope threading mechanism

Type LTD80A LTD63 LTD50
Rated Lifting Power (kn) 8 6.3 5
Lifting speed (m/min) 9.3 9.3 9.3
Rated Power (kw) 1.8 1.5 1.5
Wire Rope Diameter (mm) 9.1 8.3 8.3
Weight (kg) 53 52 50
Size (mm) 595×300×216 595×300×216 585×300×216

LTD100 and LTD80 types of hoist use "S" shaped rope threading mechanism. They are also equipped with high stability vertical intelligent motor which has strong lifting power and stable operation performance.

Type LTD100 LTD80
Rated Lifting Power ( kN) 10 8
Lifting speed ( m/min) 9 9
Rated Power ( kW) 3.0 2.2
Wire Rope Diameter (mm) 8.3 8.3
Weight (kg) 105 95
Size (mm) 595×300×216 595×300×216

3. Safety Lock
a. Our independently designed safety lock is safe and reliable.
b. All components of the suspended platform are independently manufactured by us. They are made more precise.

Type LSF30 LSF30A
Configuration Anti-tilt Anti-tilt
Cable Diameter (mm) 8.3mm 9.1mm
Allowable Force of Impact 30KN 30KN
Locking Distance in the event of Rope Breaking < 200mm < 200mm
Cable Locking Angle 3° - 8° 33° - 8°

4. Steel Wire Rope
a. We use steel wire rope made by Fasten, which is a quoted company, so the product has excellent quality assurance.
b. Another great feature of the wire rope is that it has better strength.

5. Cable
a. We use cables manufactured by Wuxi Cable Factory which supplies superior and reliable quality cables.
b. The cables used on our equipment adopt waterproof design and they are durable.

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