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Material Hoist

Automatic rope feeding function is one of the unique features of the material hoist produced by Little Swan. During operation, you only need to insert the steel rope into the rope inlets. Also, the all-aluminum box formed by the gravity die casting technology is hard to be damaged and it ensures no oil leakage. High precision, high strength transmission parts are used, which extend the service life of the material handling equipment. In addition, specialized assembly process and high precision assembly technology effectively reduce the noise level of the material hoist during its operation.

The rated lifting weight of our material hoist is 600 kg and the maximum lifting height can reach 100 m. This lifting equipment can be used for the vertical transport of materials in the construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, and chimneys. Additionally, the hoisting equipment can work together with the suspended access platform to safely, reliably and dramatically improve the efficiency of construction.

Technical Parameters

Type QP600
Rated Lifting Weight (kg) 600
Lifting Speed (m/min) 12.5
Maximum Lifting Height (m) 100
Maximum Extension for the Front Beam of Suspended Mechanism (mm) 2000
Hoist Type LTD630
Motor Power of Hoist (kW) 1.8
Safety Lock Type LSL30
Steel Wire Rope Type 4 × 31SW+FC-8.3
Propulsive Force of Electric Handspike (kg) 300
Distance for expand and contract of Electric Handspike (mm) 1000
Total Weight (kg) 490
Counterweight (kg) 500
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