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Mast-climbing Work Platform

You have no reason to neglect the Little Swan mast-climbing work platform that is a major science and technology project in the eleventh five-year plan of China, and drew extensive attention in bauma China 2014. This construction equipment, known as MCWP, will definitely not disappoint you because of its features shown in high rise works including facade work, bricklaying, plastering, painting, cladding, balcony work, window installation, shipyard work, etc.

Features of Mast-climbing Work Platform
1. This form of access equipment guarantees safe and efficient work, as well as fire and wind protection.
2. It ensures small loss and overcomes the risk that scaffolding is easy to damage and be stolen.
3. Energy conservation, ease of installation and reusability make this working platform in many cases more convenient to use than other forms of access equipment such as ladders, scaffolding, staging or suspended cradles.
4. Our mast climbing work platform allows efficient and economical carrying of workers and materials.
5. Stable platform helps to improve the quality of façade work.

Technical Parameters of Mast-climbing Work Platform
Single Mast Double Mast
Min. /Max. platform length 4/10m 11/30m
Max. effective load 1450kg 2000kg
Vertical traveling speed 6m/min 6m/min
Max. climbing height 150m 150m
Space between attachments 6m 6m
Cantilever height during operation 6m 6m
Cantilever height during installation 15m 15m
Max. wind speed 8m/s 8m/s
Dimensions and Weight
Horizontal mast section size 1.5m×1.2m×0.65m 1.5m×1.2m×0.65m
Horizontal mast section weight 106kg 106kg
Mast section size 0.45m×0.45m×1.508m 0.45m×0.45m×1.508m
Mast section weight 99kg 99kg
Underbed weight 112kg 112kg
Driver unit weight 91kg 91kg
Electrical Parameters
Driving mechanism 2.2kw×2 2.2kw×4
Voltage/frequency 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Control voltage/frequency 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Starting current 52.2A 52.2A
Working current 22A 22A
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