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Lift in Wind Turbine

Little Swan is a professional manufacturer of suspended platform, material hoist, building maintenance unit, and other construction equipment. We can integrate our own technology and processing capacity with the demands of our customers to customize special types of lift in wind turbine for them.

  • Interior of Lift in Wind Turbine
  • Exterior of Lift in Wind Turbine
  • Lift in Wind Turbine

As is shown in the picture, we provided wind turbine elevator for a wind power project. This wind turbine tower lift is designed with a sliding door and the hoist is positioned on the top. It offers ladder guide and wire rope guide two choices.

The lift in wind turbine is equipped with centrifugal speed type safety lock and electronic load limiting device. Also, it has multiple safety protection functions, such as upper and lower limit protection, rope locking power-off protection, electric leakage protection, speed limit protection, load limit protection, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Type CG300
Rated Load (kg) 300
Lifting Speed (m/min) 12.5
Power of Motor (kW) 1.8
Diameter of wire rope(mm) 8.3
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