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Suspended Platform for Wind Turbine Maintenance

Electricity generating equipment which uses natural wind power is a kind of green product. It can effectively reduce the environmental pollution and natural resource waste from the thermal power and hydropower generate electricity process. Accordingly, the blades of wind driven generator need to be regularly maintained.

Our suspended platform for wind turbine maintenance can provide better position for maintenance work. It allows maintenance staff to approach the wind turbine blades in 360 degrees from the outside during the maintenance process. Our platform can also help cut down the operation time and cost because it can help maintenance staff complete the task without using expensive lifting equipment. Therefore, this type of suspended access equipment makes inspection and repair work more convenient and straightforward. The platform can be customized according to different shapes of blade. Little Swan can provide customers with the specially made aerial work platform according to their needs.

The equipment shown in the picture is a suspended platform for wind turbine maintenance. It is a blade maintenance platform for carrying maintenance staff, tools and materials. This type of equipment is safe and reliable. It can also reduce the labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

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