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Wind Turbine Tower Lift

The most attractive point of our UpMax type wind turbine tower lift, made using the state-of-the-art technology from Germany, is 20-Year No Maintenance. This service lift or work cage is the best replacement for old tower lifts that require frequent maintenance, change of quick wear parts and enforced annual inspection.

Core parts of the UpMax wind turbine tower lift are all German original products. With 20 proprietary technologies, the tower elevator leads the global industry and ensures 4-MAX concepts, namely Max. Maintenance Reduction, Max. Safety, Max. Comfort and Max. Cost Reduction.

Specifications of Wind Turbine Tower Lift
Basic Specifications
Effective load 250kg
Nominal speed 18m/min (50Hz) / 20m/min (60Hz)
Dimensions Approx. 1000 × 750 × 2300 mm
Gross weight Approx. 220kg
Motor Parameters
Manufacturer 2 sets of Fa. Bauer gear reducer motor
Type Manual brake release, parachute brake
Capacity 2× 1.1Kw
Rated current consumption 2× 2.7A
Operation mode S2-30 min
Power supply 400V/50Hz, 3 Phase, or according to requirements

Safety Device
1. Overload shutdown
2. Obstacles detection and chain looseness detection
3. Detection when lift door opens; opening landing door by recognition; emergency stop
4. Remote control by electrical lead

Support Center
Manufacturer: IWIS Antriebstecknick GmbH
Type: Super long chain 210B-1, MBF 30kN, long term lubrication

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