1. Lift in Wind TurbineLittle Swan is a professional manufacturer of suspended platform, material hoist, building maintenance unit, and other construction equipment. We can integrate our own technology and processing capacity with the demands of our customers to customize special types of lift in wind turbine for them.
    1. Suspended Platform for Wind Turbine Maintenance

      Our platform can also help cut down the operation time and cost because it can help maintenance staff complete the task without using expensive lifting equipment. Therefore, this type of suspended access equipment makes inspection and repair work more convenient and straightforward.

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    1. Wind Turbine Tower LiftWith 20 proprietary technologies, the tower elevator leads the global industry and ensures 4-MAX concepts, namely Max. Maintenance Reduction, Max. Safety, Max. Comfort and Max. Cost Reduction.

Wind Turbine Auxiliary Equipment

Little Swan provides customers with professional solutions for the maintenance of wind power generation equipment. Our wind turbine auxiliary equipment which includes lift in wind turbine and suspended platform for wind turbine maintenance is specially designed to assist our customers in the installation and maintenance work.