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    1. ZLP250 Suspended Platform

      Our ZLP250 suspended platform is simple to set up, lightweight and convenient for shipping. Moreover, the basket strictly follows the requirements of ISO quality system in its production process so it meets the international suspended access equipment production standards.

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    1. ZLP400 Suspended PlatformThe superior quality safety lock can automatically lock the steel safety rope at the pre-set angle when the suspended platform becomes tilted or the safety rope breaks. Therefore, it can effectively guarantee the safety of high altitude operation staff.
    1. ZLP500 Suspended PlatformZLP500 suspended platform can easily get close to any part of the front end of a high-rise building, so it can replace the scaffolding platform truly bring convenience and efficiency to people's work.
    1. ZLP630 Suspended PlatformAdvanced seamless steel pipe welding technology is adopted for welding the ZLP630 suspended platform so as to improve the strength of the suspended structure and enhance the safety of the entire basket.
    1. ZLP800 Suspended Platform In order to improve the strength of the suspended structure, advanced seamless steel pipe welding technology is used for welding the platform and guardrails.
    1. ZLP800A Suspended PlatformAdopting a modular design, the suspended platform manufactured by Little Swan is easy to install and maintain. Furthermore, this aerial equipment is made of thick steel by our professional welding technology. It has a smoother surface and is safer to use.
    1. ZLP1000 Suspended Platform

      Our ZLP1000 suspended platform boasts the rated load of 1000 kg which is the largest among all work platforms Little Swan provides. It is suitable for large-scale high altitude operations.

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    1. ZLP630B Suspended PlatformThe entire basket adopts advanced seamless steel pipe welding technology which greatly improves the strength of the suspended structure. The basket is also equipped with high quality steel wire rope to improve its safety.
  • Aluminum Alloy Suspended PlatformAluminum alloy basket possesses all characteristics of a steel basket; also, its surface doesn't require galvanizing or plastic spray painting treatment. As a result, the production cost is reduced.
  • Steel Suspended PlatformThe steel suspended platform produced by Little Swan adopts modularization design so that it can reduce the cost of procurement and avoid the problem of delayed production schedule due to the volume and weight of the product components.
    1. Man BasketLittle Swan can provide you with the excellent special suspended platform customization service. First, you are required to tell us the working conditions, the required length and width, the height of the building, and other related information.
  • Suspended Platform Parts

    Little Swan is a professional suspended access platform supplier. We not only offer you the entire machine, but also provide you with a verity of suspended platform parts for you to choose from.

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  • Material Hoist

    In addition, specialized assembly process and high precision assembly technology effectively reduce the noise level of the material hoist during its operation.

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  • Mast-climbing Work PlatformIt ensures small loss and overcomes the risk that scaffolding is easy to damage and be stolen.
    Energy conservation, ease of installation and reusability make this working platform in many cases more convenient to use than other forms of access equipment such as ladders, scaffolding, staging or suspended cradles.
  • Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)

    The building maintenance unit (BMU) is a kind of suspended access equipment intended to be permanently installed and dedicated to a specific building or structure for cleaning and maintaining windows or exterior walls.

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    1. Lift in Wind TurbineLittle Swan is a professional manufacturer of suspended platform, material hoist, building maintenance unit, and other construction equipment. We can integrate our own technology and processing capacity with the demands of our customers to customize special types of lift in wind turbine for them.
    1. Suspended Platform for Wind Turbine Maintenance

      Our platform can also help cut down the operation time and cost because it can help maintenance staff complete the task without using expensive lifting equipment. Therefore, this type of suspended access equipment makes inspection and repair work more convenient and straightforward.

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    1. Wind Turbine Tower LiftWith 20 proprietary technologies, the tower elevator leads the global industry and ensures 4-MAX concepts, namely Max. Maintenance Reduction, Max. Safety, Max. Comfort and Max. Cost Reduction.
  • Construction HoistThe construction hoist is used for the vertical transport of people and cargo in the construction of bridge, chimney, and high-rise building. This construction elevator is composed of cage, driving system, standard knot, attached wall, chassis, rail, and electrical system.
  • Suspended Platform for Boiler MaintenanceThis kind of suspended platform for boiler maintenance is a non-standard type of suspended access equipment. Therefore, customers need to tell us the application environment and relevant technical parameters during their procurement.