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Contact Person: Li Xuequn, Sunny Sun, Ken Zong

About Us

Little Swan Building Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in the sixties of the last century. In 1992, Little Swan joined hands with China Academy of Building Research and became the first suspended access system manufacturer in China. We mainly provide the suspended platform, material hoist, construction hoist and other related equipment. The suspended access platform has a variety of types to meet the needs of customers. We also provide special suspended platform customization services, such as boiler maintenance work platform, and suspended platform for the maintenance of wind turbine blades.

With many years of efforts, Little Swan has acquired the ISO9001 quality management system and CE certification certificates and has obtained nearly 20 invention patent certificates. Furthermore, Little Swan has become the leading enterprises in China's construction machinery industry and participated in the development of China's powered suspended platform national standards. Our products are mainly utilized in several different fields, such as the exterior wall construction, maintenance, decoration of high-rise & multistory buildings; elevator installation in wind turbine; large tank, chimney, TV tower, bridge construction projects and other chemical and industrial production fields.

Our products also assisted to complete the construction of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and other dozens of Chinese domestic key construction projects. Our product quality and customer service have been highly recognized by our customers. The products of Little Swan are awarded as customer satisfied products in China's construction machinery industry for sixteen consecutive years.

As a professional construction machinery supplier, we provide suspended access equipment for the customers from different countries and regions through the focus on improvement of our customer service. So far, we have established in depth long-term cooperation in sales, technical support and after-sales services with customers from Germany, Russia and other dozens of countries.

Little Swan has the best experts in China's construction machinery industry, more than twenty years of industry experience and customer's recognition. Little Swan is dedicated to offering you the most satisfactory products and services.