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Exterior Wall Construction

Hoist & Suspended Baskets for Exterior Wall Construction

Lifts and suspended baskets are essential tools for the construction of many high-rise and multistory buildings. The lift is often used equipment for carrying people and cargo vertically, which is mainly applicable to projects like internal and external decoration of high-rise building and construction of bridge and chimney, etc. The suspended basket is comfortable and safe for construction staff to ride in because it has a unique structure .Construction lift is usually used together with the tower crane at the construction site.

Characteristics of Hoist
1. The installation, maintenance and disassemble processes for the lift are simple and convenient and with a stable performance.
2. The elevator has reliable quality, long service life, and wide application range.
The transmission part of the lift adopts imported bearing and premium quality oil seal parts.
3. Gear and rack are made of high strength materials and treated with special heat treatment process. The production process has greatly improves the service life of the components.
4. Steel structure is made of high quality steel and the surface can be painted or galvanized according to customers' requirements.
5.The cage can be manufactured or decorated by steel wire mesh, galvanized plate and punched plate.
6.Electrical components adopts Schneider, Siemens, LG and other international well-known brand products

Little Swan can provide two type of construction hoists for your project: construction elevator and variable frequency regulated speed hoist.

Suspended Basket
Suspended basket is new aerial operation equipment which is an essential tool for construction of building exterior walls. It can help reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency with repeatedly use. Moreover, the suspended platform can greatly reduce the construction cost which is only 28% of traditional scaffold. The basket has flexible operation and can be shift around easily. It is convenient, practical, safe, and reliable. Therefore, it is an excellent substitute for traditional scaffolding.

Characteristics Suspended Basket
1. It adopts modular splicing so it is simple, convenient and safe to install and operate.
2. Each part connected with each other through advanced welding technology so the welding surface is smooth and solid.
3. The basket adopts humanized design and has multiple safety protections. Its production process truly reflect our "people-oriented, quality first" principle.
4. The seamless steel pipe is adopted during the production process to further improve the strength and durability of the platform.

The following products manufactured by Little Swan can be used in the exterior wall construction´╝ÜZLP800, ZLP800A, ZLP630, ZLP630B, ZLP500, ZLP250

They are mainly used in construction and insulation external wall of high-rise buildings. They can also be Installation maintenance and cleaning projects of door, windows, air conditioning and curtain wall of high-rise buildings. Moreover, those products can also be used in ship building and elevator installation or the inspection, repair and construction work of oil depot, large tank, tall chimneys, bridges and dams.