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Exterior Wall Installation

Equipment for Exterior Wall Installation

Many high-rise building construction projects require exterior walls related component installation before the project gets delivered. For example, glass curtain wall installation, high-rise building exterior wall painting, mechanical and electrical equipment installation on the exterior wall. The operations of the exterior walls of high-rise buildings have certain risks. Therefore, it is very important to utilize auxiliary devices such as suspended access platform, building maintenance unit, construction elevator, and material hoist etc.

The quality of these devices is directly related with the safety of operators and other staff on the work ground. For example, the quality of hoist for the suspended basket, safety lock, electrical box, steel rope, cable are very important for the safety of the working crew. Each components and parts of our equipment will undergo the rigorous inspections and tests during their production process.

For example, every safety lock must be tested individually, only the one passed the angle test can be packaged accordingly. The same is true for the construction elevator. It also needs to be tested and checked on whether its power, speed and lifting power meet the standards of the tests. Moreover, eclectic motor needs to be tested by the integrated motor test bench. The electrical box is required for rigorous testing for voltage, current, frequency, etc. In addition, the cable and steel rope need to be inspected for fracture.

Little swan can provide the following products to help you complete the exterior walls installation related projects: suspended assess platform, building maintenance unit and construction hoist.