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Quality Control

All products of our company have quality assurance. Each component or equipment no matter big or small will go through the rigorous inspections and tests before it can be packaged and sold. For example, every safety lock must be tested individually, only the one passed the angle test can be packaged accordingly. The same is true for the construction elevator. It also needs to be tested and checked on whether its power, speed and lifting power meet the standards of the tests. Moreover, eclectic motor needs to be tested by the integrated motor test bench. The electrical box is required for rigorous testing for voltage, current, frequency, etc.

Our products are all certified by relevant institutions. In July 2009, Little Swan obtained the "Jiangsu Quality Trustworthy Enterprise" certificate. Little Swan also acquired the "Quality Management System Certification" certificate awarded by China Classification Society in 2010. In August 2012, Little Swan won the "High-tech Products Verification Certificate" for High-rise Building Exterior Insulation Construction Multifunctional Suspended Platform. In December, Little Swan also earned the similar verification certificate for the Aerial Working Hoist. Both of certificates were issued by Department of Science in Jiangsu Province.

In July, 2011 Little Swan got the qualification certificate for ZLP800 suspended access platform. In February 2013, Little Swan received the "Quality Management System Certification" certificate awarded by China Classification Society. In November2012, ZLP630 and ZLP800A types of suspended baskets were nominated for the "Customer Satisfied Product" award in National Construction Machinery and Elevator Industry. This was the second consecutive winning since 2010 because the excellent quality of our products.