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Little Swan is a professional suspended access equipment manufacturer. Our company is equipped with a perfect sales and customer service systems. Our profession sales and customer service teams are composed of a total of 35 people, in which 3 people are responsible for the foreign business and 13 people are responsible for the after sale service. These employees have been with Little Swan for long time and they have rich work experience. Therefore, they can provide professional and timely support and excellent customer service to you.

Pre-sales Service

1. Answer Customer Questions: We answer our customers' questions through email or telephone. For example, some often asked questions during the initial stage of purchase are: what are the standard types? What kinds of architectures or projects do each different type of product applicable to? Our experienced sales team will professionally answer your questions according to the specific market situation

2. Technical Guidance: For non-standardized processing requirements, our professional engineers will offer you the best solution through active and timely communication with you.

3. Product Recommendation: Little Swan offer over 100 kinds of products in two main series. Moreover, we also provide non-standard product customization and new product R&D services to our customers according to their requirements. We will recommend several cost-effective products for customers to choose based on the purpose, environment, and quantity of the procurement.

4. Drawings Design: For customers who have special requirements for their non-standard products, we will carefully assist them to design the drawings of their products.

5. Accounting and Quotation Offering: We will offer our customers the detailed quotation sheets after we have carefully calculated the price based on purchase quantity and the actual product specifications of the ordered products.

In-sales Service

1. Delivery Time: Our standard delivery time is 1-2 days for order quantity is less than 50. Under special circumstances, such as non-standard product customization or very large procurement volume, delivery period is generally 2 weeks. This time can vary depends on the specification of the product.

2. Order Tracking: After our customer place their orders, we will assign the professional sales staff to keep track of the orders and provide immediate feedbacks whenever our customers need.

3. Products Testing: Our products need to be tested on the following aspects during their production process:
(1) The insulation performance
(2) Performance of wiring, protection device and emergency stop device of the electrical control system
(3) Rope locking angle, slippage and free falling experiment for of the safety lock
(4) No-load operation, rated load operation, and overload operation experiments
(5) Noise test
(6) Brake sliding distance and braking distance test´╝Ť
(7) Uniformly distributed 2 times rated load experiment for suspension platform
(8) Maximum deflection of the suspended platform bottom

4. Product Packaging: Special plywood box is used for packaging the main parts of the equipment. The hanging part and platform use nude packing method.

5. Product Shipping: Our products are mainly shipped through the port of Shanghai in Chia. Other ports can also be selected based on the demand of our customers.

After-sales Service

1. Warranty Service: All of our products come with one year manufacture warranty. In addition, we offer extra quick-wear parts to make it easy for customer to do self-repair. After the warranty period, we will send the appropriate parts according to the request of our customer but with the correspondent cost.

2. Product Damage during Delivery: We recommend third party inspection before the shipment. Problem of product damage caused by irresistible factors during shipping will be solved by consultation between the two parties.

3. Problem Solving during Usage: All of our products have detailed English operation instructions and installation guide. Our customers can contact our customer service staff if they have any more specific questions or problems.

4. Follow Up: We do regular follow up services to learn the usage and satisfaction condition of our customers